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(not comparable)

  1. At an occasional, infrequent, or irregular frequency

sporadicKhombu Khombu Black Women's Hilary Women's gr5qgBw +"Ž -ally

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Sentence Examples

  • It would have been reasonable to expect to find them sporadically all over Australia.
  • It is true that stone implements of palaeolithic and neolithic types are found sporadically in the Nile valley, Somaliland, on the Zambezi, in Cape Colony and the northern portions of the Congo Free State, as well as in Algeria and Tunisia; but the localities are far too few and too widely separated to warrant the inference that they are to be in any way connected.
  • Has since been found sporadically in a similar situation in other botanical gardens, its most recent appearance being at Lille.
  • 1919 fighting took place against the Bolshevist forces, which were successfully cleared out of the northern districts of the country, and until Dec. of that year against the so-called Bernonit troops, and sporadicallyLucky Women's Women's Nutmeg Orenzo Lucky Orenzo Nutmeg Lucky EPqZww all through 1920 against Polish units.
  • Diaz's supporters refused to recognize him, and a revolution broke out, which went on sporadically till Juarez's death on the 18th of July Death of 1872.
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