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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Error Message :

Sporadically File transfers between BS2000 and a WIN agent has end status in activities of "ENDED_EMPTY - task is empty", but in the report it shows "ENDED OK" and the files have been transferred.

Here is an example from a Job Report showing the transer was successful:
016-10-20 10:34:59 - U00011124 Selection started with filter 'SP.EXECUTE.***' ...
2016-10-20 10:34:59 - U00011125 'SP.EXECUTE.***’
2016-10-20 10:34:59 - U00011126 Files selected: '1'.
2016-10-20 10:34:59 - U00011133 OK ' 4654' Bytes, ' 122' Records for file ':E:$EPROFIT.SP.EXECUTE'->'..\SP.EXECUTE' transferred. Duration '00:00:00'.
2016-10-20 10:34:59 - U00011408 FT '27610080': FileTransfer completed.
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The error is a result of that fact that in a multi-server environment the FTXSTA message can be processed before the FTXSENDQ.
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Excerpt from a TCP=9 trace:
03 - 20161020/103501.617 - JPEXEC_R RCV FTXSTA frm BS2ET UCFTXEX MQ1CP002 MsgID: 0000064231 c-acv: 00000000
02 - 20161020/103501.618 - JPEXEC_R RCV FTXSENDQ frm BS2ET MQ1CP002 MsgID: 0000064230 c-acv: 16032D08
FTXSTA sets the number of totalfiles to 1:
03 - 20161020/103501.641 - U00009909 TRACE: (BINDPAR: EH_TotalFiles ) fffffffc6eafa1e8 000004
03 - 20161020/103501.641 - >
FTXSENDQ resets the number of totalfiles to 0:
02 - 20161020/103501.663 - U00009909 TRACE: (BINDPAR: EH_TotalFiles ) fffffffc6eafa1e8 000004
02 - 20161020/103501.663 - >
later, the FTXWRITE message sets the Status to "ENDED_EMPTY" as EH_TotalFiles = 0:
02 - 20161020/103501.714 - JPEXEC_R              RCV  FTXWRITE frm BS2ET                                     MQ1CP002 MsgID: 0000064232 c-acv: 00000000
02 - 20161020/103501.760 - U00009909 TRACE: (BINDPAR: EH_Status ) fffffffc6eaf83ac 000004
02 - 00000000 00000778 >...x<
02 - 20161020/103501.760 - >
OS Version: N/A
Cause type:
Root Cause: Sporadically ends the BS2000 file transfer with ENDED_EMPTY instead of ENDED_OK. This is a bug in the BS2000 agent.
Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.
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Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
Component(s): Agent BS2000

Agent BS2000 12.0.2 – Available
Nash Nash Nash Women's UGG Women's Burgundy Women's UGG Burgundy UGG
Agent BS2000 11.2.5 – Available
Additional Information:
Workaround :
Nash UGG UGG Nash Burgundy Nash Burgundy UGG Women's Women's Women's n4Pnv7wC8

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