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Slippers Slippers Plush Plush Psyduck Adult Psyduck Adult
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On face value, I feel their contexts differ. Something that happens occasionally can be something that is planned. If it happens occasionally, without any planning or reason, I consider it to be something happening sporadically.

I would be happy if my family visited occasionally, but not so much if it happened sporadically!
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They are interchangeable and both mean Adult Slippers Psyduck Slippers Plush Psyduck Plush Adult occurring at infrequent or irregular intervals.
Psyduck Plush Psyduck Adult Plush Slippers Adult Slippers qxt16
Plush Psyduck Adult Plush Psyduck Slippers Slippers Adult
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Psyduck Plush Slippers Plush Psyduck Adult Slippers Adult